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the key focus of potatomagic is research and development in value added products made from fresh or preserved produce and potato. fresh or preserved produce can be any vegetable, fruit, succulent, grain, or a pickle, preserve or flour.

potatomagic specialises in high utilization of produce that may have no commercial value otherwise. this produce may be considered under size for the fresh market or below specification for the fresh or processing market and would normally go to waste. less waste lowers our carbon footprint per kg of edible food consumed.

potatomagic uses processes that reduce carbon emissions, are sustainable, eco-friendly and eliminating post-water treatment in most cases.

the produce begins and ends the process as "un-modified" produce. products made with our processes are low in allergens and may be gluten free depending on the manufacturers requirements.

the process to create potatomagic involves non chemical treatment of fresh produce that is then baked or heat treated to produce the required product.

potatomagic provides a low or no additive alternative to a variety of base products, from pizza bases, to biscuits,crackers, bread, pasta and crisps.

as a result of this research and development, potatomagic has made significant break-throughs in low-fat processing of food:

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