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potatomagic is a food innovation research and development company

we are dedicated to the production of food products that are pure, natural, sustainable and environmentally friendly. we combine sustainability and eco friendly processes from the paddock to the consumer to lower the food chain carbon footprint.

our vision is to be a global leader in environmentally friendly pure food innovation.

our mission is to be innovators in healthy, ready to eat vegetable and produce based, bakery, pasta and snack foods.

news - press

a new way of processing potatoes could replace dairy and keep you alive during a disaster
by abc rural, clint jasper 11-oct-2016
a melbourne inventor has worked out how to melt down potatoes like cheese, and has spent the past 12 years creating a range of food substitutes with liquid potato.

a pot of potato gold
by alison leader 04-oct-2016
an australian research and development company has been working on a potato-based food ingredient that can be used in lactose-free milk and cheese products.

aussie inventor turns potato into milk-cheese-and-custard wonder-food
by rj whitehead, 27-jun-2016
“this potato format could well be the biggest thing to happen to the potato industry since the frozen french fry,” i’m being told, and it’s hard to disagree, no matter how bold the statement."

australian company develops melting potato
foodprocessing.com.au, 10-mar-2016

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